Notes for future - Africa and Americas need to be tagged as Benin and Spanish Colonial rule

Monday Night's Homework

Read the three pages below your own. For example, if you are responsible for the Ming, you should read the Mughals, Ottomans and Russia.

Press the discussion tab at the top of the page. Either add to or create a new thread with comments.

At the minimum your comments should focus on:

1. Clarity of the writing - If there are elements missing, points that are not supported or terms that are not defined, tell the authors what it unclear.
2. Is the page "honest"? Do any of the sections look like they were cut and pasted? Are pictures cited? Quotes cited? Are the sources introduced when they should be? Are they cited consistently? Is there a bibliography?

3. Do the picture, video, map and other media selections make sense? Are they explained in such a way that you understand why they were chosen?

4 Finally, give a couple of sentences about what you learned from the page and what you would do to improve it. This usually is the most helpful comment to the author..